LSPS Honors

Life Member Award


Must be an LSPS Member of Long Standing, i.e. 25 years or more. Must have actively contributed to the growth of LSPS during his career (e.g., may have served as officer or director of LSPS), but need not be active at the time of nomination. Should enjoy an outstanding reputation for his knowledge, integrity and professional competency, especially among the members of his District.

Article V:

“Life Membership shall carry with it all the rights and privileges of a Registered Member if such a person be a Registered Surveyor of the State of Louisiana; or if registered in a Foreign State or Country, all the rights and privileges of a Member; and otherwise, all the rights and privileges of an Affiliate Member. Such award shall carry with it a waiver of initiation fee and membership dues or special assessment.”

Article V, LSPS Articles of Incorporation and By Laws. Also qualifications set by Board of Directors.

Life Member

C.L “Jack” Stelly Wilton J. Dufrene
A.J Brouillette Vince J. Misuraca
Lamon L. Moody, jr. Jimmy R. Anyon
John E. Walker James H. Couturie
Clarence J. Tircuit James M. Theriot
Robert A. Berlin Roger C. Wilkinson
Carl L. Mistric Steve Estopinal
John E. Chance John E. Bradford
Jack E. Farmer Warren J. Knapp
Charles G. Coyle  


Surveyor Year Award (Surveyor Excellence Award)


  1. Must Be a Registered Member of LSPS

  2. Must have Taken an active and continuous role in contributing to the growth and advancement of both LSPS and the surveying Profession (e.g., may have served as officer or director of LSPS, may have served as a member of the State Registration Board, or as officer or director of a national surveying organization.)

  3. Nominees should presently be actively involved in the operation of LSPS: as evidence by attendance at chapter meetings and annual meetings be serving on LSPS Committees, ect.

  4. Should enjoy an outstanding repuation for his knowledge, integrity and professional competency, especially among the members of his District.

Surveyor Excellence Recipients Year Presented Annual Meeting
Francis M. Tessier 1975 14th
 Lamon L. Moody 1976  15th
William H. Griffith 1977 16th
C. J. Tircuit 1978 17th
John Walker 1978 17th
George Jones 1979 18th
A. J. Bouillette 1980 19th
Asa Ray 1981 20th
John Kellen 1982 21st
George Bergeron, Jr 1984 23rd
Errol Kelly 1985 24th
Stephen Estopinal 1988 27th
Richard C. Spikes 1991 30th
C. H. Fenstermaker 1993 32nd
Morris P. Hebert 1996 35th
M. Ernest Gammon 1998 37th
Jack E. Farmer 1999 38th
John Soileau 2000 39th
Wayne Hebert 2001 40th
Randolph B. LaCroix, Jr. 2002 41st
C.L. Jack Stelly 2003 42nd
Charles G. Coyle 2004 43rd
David Cloud 2005 44th
Tim Allen 2006 45th
Carl L. Mistric 2007 46th
Dr. Terry Dantin 2008 47th
Gerald Fussell 2010 49th
David L. Patterson 2011 50th
Stephen P. Flynn 2013 52nd


Past Presidents

John P. Wilkerson, Jr. 1961-62 Sammie L. Craft 1980 Melvin Harrison 1998
Frank P. Lathrop 1963 Ralph P. Fontcuberta, Jr. 1981 Walter J. Ballard 1999
James L. Carter 1964-65 Frank L. Messinger, III 1982-83 Michael P. Mayeux 2000
C. J. Tircuit 1966 Steven V. Estopinal 1984 John C. Mattingly 2001
Henry M. Messinger 1967 Philip J. Stutes 1985 J. Anthony Cavell 2002
Lamon L. Moody 1968 Richard F. Griswold 1986 Chad Morris 2003
Glen C. Baker 1969 John V. Soileau 1987 John Bradford 2004
William H. Griffith 1970 Morris P. Hebert 1988 David Patterson 2005
John W. Woodard 1971 John E. Walker 1989 Ryan Fuselier 2006
Ronald L. Schuman 1972 M. Ernest Gammon 1990 Charles Coyle III 2007
James M. Theriot 1973 Jack E. Farmer 1991 L. Lyles Budden 2008
James H. Couturie’ 1974 Tildon J. Dufrene, Jr 1992 Paul J. Kocke, Sr. 2009
Roger C. Wilkinson 1975 John J. Avery, Jr. 1993 D. Kevin Burdeaux 2010
Joseph E. Schexnaider 1976 Timothy J. Allen 1994 Stephen P. Flynn 2011
Wilton J. Dufrene 1977 David E. Cloud, Sr. 1995 James B. Pellegrin 2012
Vincent J. Misuraca 1978 Charles G. Coyle 1996 Jared A. Couvillion 2013
Rodger D. Phelps 1979 Wayne A. Hebert 1997 Ralph R. Gipson 2014


Honorary Members

Article V:

Any person whose professional attainments in surveying or in subjects closely associated with surveying, have given them a broadly acknowledged eminence, or any person who has rendered special service to the society, its aims and objectives, so elected by a majority vote of the Board of Directors. Such Honor Member is elected for life, or until such membership be revoked by the Board for just and sufficient cause. No dues or assessments shall be required from an Honorary Member. Honorary Members shall not be eligible to vote or hold any office in the Corporation.

Article XV:

The Name of a person for Honorary or Life Membership should be submitted to the Board in writing along with a resume of the accomplishments of the person, and a member of the local Chapter should be available at the Board Meeting to answer any questions.

Articles V & XV,LSPS Articles of Incorporation and By Laws.

Honorary Members:

  • Mrs. Ellen Bryan Moore

  • Ory G. Poret

  • Paul L. Landry

  • Clifford J. Mugnier

Charter Members

John W. Able William H. Griffith Carl L. Mistric
John D. Adams R. L. Gunter Lamon Moody
Jimmy R. Anyan Edward C. Haight Russel P. Morgan
Charles T. Armstrong Edward P. Hargrove, Sr. John L. Norman, Jr.
John F. Arnold Shannon Harrison J. M. Norris
Glenn C. Baker Omer J. Hebert Rufus D. Palmer
Steve Ballard Roy A. Hebert Frank B. Parich
Malcom L. Bamburg Jack L. Hicks Jules J. Perret
Paul M. Barber Archie L. Higgins R. J. Petty
Charles J. Baxter Ed Higgins Ben E. Ramsey
George D. Bergeron, Jr. V. A. Hubka Harry E. Reed
Robert A. Berlin Stanton E. Huey, Jr. R. B. Rordam
Roland P. Bernard Albert D. Hulett, Jr. Daniel D. Sandefur
Charles L. Besson, Jr. Norma Glen Hutchings J. Proby Sessions
Kenneth D. Boatman, Jr. John S. Hyams Francis B. Sessums
C.J. Bonura John H. Jackson Darrell D. Shine
Jasper L. Bourgeois Samuel R. Johnston, III Cubit Stuart Simmons
Alvin M. Bridges John W. Kellen, Jr. W.C. Snyder
Ernest N. Brodnax Marvin T. Kent A. B. Spence
A. J. Brouillette Warren J. Knapp Robert B. Sylvester
James L. Carter A. Arion Lafargue Francis M. Tessier
Theo T. Chenet Paul H. LaRosse C. A. Thompson
Morrell Cobb Frank P. Lathrop Clarence J. Tircuit
Fred L. Colomb Percy W. Leland J. I. Tumey
William D. Copp, Jr. A. J. LeVasseur Ed J. Vogel
John Cowan W. L. Mangham, Jr. James B. Walker
James C. Crawford Acy A. Marchand A. R. Walton
Curry C. Dixon Robert McConnell Adrian E. Whitaker
Fred O. Eldred James R. McCoy John F. Wilkerson Jr.
William L. Farmer, Jr. Robert K. McDaniel, Jr. John F. Wilkerson
Charles H. Fenstermaker, Jr. Edward C. McGee, Jr. Roger C. Wilkinson
Joseph L. Fontcuberta Gessie C. McLemore Raymond Y. Wilkison
Morris M. Fortner Claude E. McMath William A. Wintz, Jr.
Fernard C. Gandolfo, Jr. Henry M. Messinger  
Avit J. Gremillion