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Benefits of Joining LSPS

"Networking-Who knows more about opportunities within a field than those actually involved? 
No one! The roster of our society is a gold mine to get your network rolling."

Educational Benefits: Want to stay on top of your profession, learn new techniques and strategies? There are endless opportunities for upgrading your experience through seminars, listening to top speakers in your field, workshops, and just plain old-fashioned sharing of information among your peers.

Leadership Opportunities: It isn't enough to just join a District of the society.  Take advantage of the many opportunities to get involved in committee work, serve some time as an officer, or help coordinate events. The more active you are, the more visible you become to the other members. This can only be a plus in your career future.

Resume Upgrading: Imagine you are the hiring authority examining two resumes. One shows only work experience. The other-work experience, professional association membership, office held, and professional certification awarded. Guess what the decision would be. As our profession be­ comes more complex and difficult to master, the need for continued certification becomes more relevant.

Social Benefits: Don't overlook the fun factor. Groups of people with common interests are always sources of new friends. You speak the same language, laugh at the same jokes, and dream similar dreams. Becoming active opens up many possibilities!

Surveyor’s Prayer

Almighty God, Surveyor of the Universe and the True Point of beginnings for all things.

Bless that parcel of time more particularly described as life and guide us as we traverse through it.

May we accurately follow the courses you have set forth giving full measure of our time and talents in a manner that will make our lives worthy of a place in the record book of eternity.

We submit the sum of our being; less and except those errors by your grace forgiven.

Witnessed by those present in your Holy Name. Amen

LSPS Documents & Organizations

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

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Articles of Incorporation

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LSPS Honors/Awards and Sustaining Members

LSPS Honors/Awards

Sustaining Members

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